Type of frosting

Garnish with the perfect frosting.

Royal icing is a sugar-based topping, similar to icing. Unlike normal icing, however, royal icing uses egg white instead of water. It has a snow-white colour and is good for decorating biscuits.

Chocolate Glaze

Chocolate glazes or coatings are made from...wait for it...chocolate. From milk to dark or even white chocolate, most kids will probably have worked with a chocolate coating before. Whether for dipping cookies or pouring over cakes, coatings can do a lot to improve taste.


It’s only a small step from chocolate to the far richer ganache. Ganache is made from two parts coating to one part cream. Ganache can be flavoured very easily. You can use vanilla, coffee and other flavor that you prefer.

Buttercream and cream cheese frosting

Whether butter, cream cheese, whipped cream or all three at once, these frostings are among the most popular toppings due to their relative ease to make and the wide range of possibilities to personalise them. When made with butter, they form the perfect base for fondants.

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