About Dr. Oetker
The Dr. Oetker Brand

For generation after generation, the Dr. Oetker brand has signalled to the consumer that Dr. Oetker products have outstanding taste, are the highest quality and guarantee success. By concentrating the product attributes in one signal, the trademark is an aid in the consumer’s decision to buy.

The Dr. Oetker brand has invariably kept its promises. Consumers’ expectations have never been disappointed, and constantly changing needs are satisfied anew time and time again. Almost all consumers – the figure in Germany is around 97 per cent – know the brand and place immense trust in it. Independent and representative surveys have repeatedly shown that Dr. Oetker occupies a top position among German food brands and also ranks among the most trusted food brands internationally.

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Outstanding Taste

The trademark signifies that these products taste outstanding and smell extremely appetising, because Dr. Oetker products are made exclusively from high-quality raw materials and are comprehensively tested by consumers before reaching the market. This makes every product a special treat.

Product quality and safety

The high-grade Dr. Oetker products deliver not only a very special taste experience, but also an extremely high standard of quality and safety. Sourced exclusively from specially tested suppliers, the raw materials have to meet precise specifications and undergo stringent quality controls before they can be used at Dr. Oetker. Furthermore, the entire production process is constantly tested for compliance with quality norms regarding product safety, taste and the certainty to turn out right.

Recipes and information

Dr. Oetker is an expert point of contact for consumers. They are offered the opportunity of contacting the Dr. Oetker Versuchsküche by telephone, hotline, fax, email/internet or by post, and receiving information and recipes from seasoned and highly trained staff. Dr. Oetker cookbooks, baking books and recipe leaflets provide creative ideas and instructions from specialists.

Assured Success

Dr. Oetker products and recipes can be prepared without any previous knowledge of cooking and baking. Dough mixtures from Dr. Oetker set no limits on creativity. Even those who possess scarcely any previous knowledge of baking, or have little time, need not forgo the pleasure of home-baked delicacies. The time- and labour-saving Dr. Oetker products are always sure to turn out right. For more than 100 years, the Dr. Oetker Versuchsküche has guaranteed the assured success and taste of the products, because it is here that they are tested under normal household conditions, the instructions for their preparation drawn up and recipes developed.


Dr. Oetker constantly accompanies changing consumer needs with newly developed products. With high investments in research and development, Dr. Oetker is invariably able to offer up-to-the-minute products which meet the needs of the time. Intensive communication efforts provide information on these innovations.