How to Tell When Your Cake is Baked?

Easy ways to check if your cake is fully cooked.
Cake is spingly

Your cake will spring back if you gently press your finger.

Top and edges of cake looks golden brown

A normal cake normally takes about 45-60 minutes baking time. Watch out for the changes of colour on the top and edges of cake especially when your baking cake looks dry on top and edges.

Test your cake with cake tester

Insert a  toothpick or skewer into center part of the cake, right to the base. Your cake is done when inserted toothpick/skweer comes out clean .

Note: A small crumb is ok, baking time need to extend if wet batter sticks on the cake tester

Take a look on the side of cake

If you see thin gap between the edges of cake and pan, your cake might have done. What you need to do is to check it with your cake tester!

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