Pimp up your pizza!

Play with whatever ingredients you have at home, have fun and bring your pizza from decent to gourmet! Try the simple tricks below to pimp up pizza. Spice up your pizza with these ingredients!

Spice up your pizza with these ingredients!

Make it even more cheesy!

Add in cheese on top of your pizza when it has a few minutes left to cook. Slices of fresh mozzarella, cheddar or parmesan cheese or any cheese that is available at your fridge is good to bring your pizza to the next level.

Add a bunch of greens

Slices of veggies like tomatoes, capsicum and broccoli, with a handful of fresh herbs add a bright flavor to the pizza. It's like eating a salad with your pizza, and almost any vegetable in your fridge or counter can be! The best thing is this could be a sneaky way for kids to eat their veggies too.

Finish with drizzle of something

After your pizza is fresh out of the oven, now is the time to add a flavour with drizzle of some healthy oil. A good olive oil brings sublime freshness to your pizza,  chilli oil creates a delicious spiciness and garlic oil enhances the taste. High-quality pesto is also a very good friend of  pizza!

Egg makes everything better

Bake your pizza halfway through the time, then pull it out from the oven and crack egg over it. Then return your pizza to the oven and bake it depends on how runny the yolk you want. At time’s end, you’ll get a yolky goodness on every slice!

Meat lover?

Top your pizza with some chopped chicken ham or any other kinds of meats that is available at your fridge and bake the pizza while it is still frozen!