3 Methods to Make Ristorante Pizza

Craving for pizza but don’t have oven? No worries, you don’t need an oven and still can bake pizza at home in under 15 minutes! You can do this with an air-fryer or frying pan as well. It is quick and tasty with our frozen Ristorante Pizza, which brings you the Italian authentic taste to your home.

Method 1: Air Fry Preparation


No Preheat for Air Fryer
No Defrost for Ristorante Pizza

Step 1:
Remove the film packaging and put your deep-frozen pizza in the air fryer.

Step 2:
Set to air fry it at 180°C, 10-12 mins.

Method 2: Pan Fry Preparation


Step 1:

Remove the film packaging and thaw your pizza for at least 15 mins.

Step 2:

Heat and grease 28 cm frying pan with 1 tbsp oil.

(Tip: Grease the pan evenly)

Step 3:

Cook the pizza on low heat for 3 mins. Then, pour 4 tbsp water around the edges of pizza.

Step 4:

Immediately cover the pan with lid and cook the pizza on low to medium heat for 10-12 mins.

(Tip: Lid with hole is recommended)

Method 3: Oven Bake Preparation


Step 1:

Preheat the oven with top and bottom heat of 220°C.

Step 2:

Remove the film packaging and put deep-frozen pizza on a rack at the bottom of oven.

Step 3:

Heat the pizza for 10-13 mins.


Place your pizza on a wire rack instead of baking pan. This way, the base becomes extraordinarily crispy with juicy topping and the cheese melts evenly.

Real Pizza Preparation Video

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