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Snow Skin Mooncake

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with this delicate treat - snow skin mooncakes.

9 servings

Some skill required 10 minutes



For the recipe Snow Skin Mooncake

For Snow Skin:

30 g Dr. Oetker Nona Rice Flour
40 g Glutinous Rice Flour
20 g Wheat Starch
50 g Icing Sugar
20 ml Oil
180 ml Milk
Dr. Oetker Nona Apple Green Colour
Dr. Oetker Nona Egg Yellow Colour
Dr. Oetker Nona Orange Colour
Dr. Oetker Nona Rose Red Colour

For Filling:

2 Egg Yolks
30 g Icing Sugar
90 ml Milk
30 g Dr. Oetker Nona Corn Starch
30 g Butter
60 g Cream Cheese

For Coating:

40 g Glutinous Rice Flour (Baked)




For Snow Skin

Place glutinous rice flour in a baking tray. Bake at 180°C for 1 hour until the flour become very light. Let it cool completely.


Bring water to boil in a steamer.


Place all the ingredients for snow skin in a mixing bowl. Mix well.


Pour the batter in a plate, cover with plastic wrapper and steam for 20 minutes.


Scrape the hardened dough off to another plate, cover and set aside to cool.


Add you favourite colour into the dough and mix well. Divide the dough into 9 balls.


For Filling

Place egg yolks, icing sugar and milk in a small sauce pan. Place egg mixture over boiling water, add in corn starch and cook at low heat.


Add in butter and continue stiring until the thick paste forms, remove from heat. Add in cream cheese, mix until well combined. Roll the filling into 9 balls.


To Make Mooncake

Coat dough balls with baked glutinous rice flour. Flatten the dough, place a filling in the middle of the dough and wrap it up.


Press the dough firmly into the jelly mould. Turn the mould over and give it a few taps to loosen the mooncake.