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Ocean Overnight Oats

This Ocean Blue Overnight Oats will surely please your body and senses on a busy morning.

1 Portion

Easy 5 minutes



For the recipe Ocean Overnight Oats

For Ocean Overnight Oatmeal:

8 tbsp Dr. Oetker Instant Oats
100 ml Blueberry Yogurt Drink
100 ml Milk
20 pcs Butterfly Pea Flower
1 tbsp Chia Seeds
2 tbsp Dr. Oetker Nona Sultanas
Mason Jar/ Empty Glass Jar




Bring milk to boil. Add in butterfly pea flower and cook until the milk turns blue.


Remove the flower and set the milk aside.


Place Dr. Oetker Instant Oats, blueberry yogurt drink, butterfly pea flower milk and chia seeds in a mason jar, stir well.


Add in sultanas and grapes.


Cover and keep in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy.


Overnight oats can be stored in the refrigerator up to 5 days!