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Oats Mug Cake with Kurma

1 Portion

Easy 5 minutes



For the recipe Oats Mug Cake with Kurma

For Oats Mug Cake:

1 pack Dr. Oetker Nona Mug Cake Chocolate
2 tbsp Dr. Oetker Instant Oats
40 ml Water (4tbsp)
Dates (Kurma)

Untuk Kek Kole:

1 paket Adunan Kek Kole Coklat Dr. Oetker Nona
2 sudu besar Oat Segera Dr. Oetker
40 ml Air (4 sudu besar)
Buah Kurma




Place Dr. Oetker Instant Oat, Mug Cake Chocolate and water in a mug, stir until well combined.

Masukkan Adunan Kek Kole Coklat Dr. Oetker Nona, Oat Segera Dr. Oetker dan air ke dalam kole, kacau sebati.


Microwave oven for 50 seconds or steam for 20 minutes.

Panaskan dalam ketuhar gelombang mikro 800W selama 50 saat pada suhu sederhana tinggi atau kukus selama 20 minit.


Serve with dates.

Biarkan sejuk selama 1 minit dan nikmatinya dengan buah kurma.