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Honeycomb Cookies

1 Portion

Easy 10 minutes



For the recipe Honeycomb Cookies

For Honeycomb Cookies:

120 g Dr. Oetker Nona Rice Flour
½ tsp Dr. Oetker Nona Corn Starch
1 Egg (Large)
4 tbsp Sugar
50 ml Coconut Milk (Thick)
40 ml Water
1 Brass Mould

Untuk Kuih Goyang:

120 g Tepung Beras Dr. Oetker Nona
½ sudu teh Kanji Jagung Dr. Oetker Nona
1 biji Telur Gred A
4 sudu besar Gula
Secubit Garam
50 ml Santan (Pekat)
40 ml Air
1 Acuan Tembaga




Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. Leave brass mould in the oil for a few minutes (fully covered by oil).

Panaskan minyak di dalam kuali. Letakkan acuan di dalam minyak.


Place all ingredients in the mixing bowl, mix well.

Masukkan semua bahan ke dalam mangkuk besar, kacau sebati.


Shake off excess oil from the mould, dip the mould into the batter just enough to cover the side (do not cover the top of the brass mould).

Celupkan acuan ke dalam adunan, setakat menutupi bahagian tepi acuan (jangan mencelup sehingga menutupi bahagian atas acuan).


Place it in the oil, hold the mould for a few seconds and lightly shake the mould to loosen the cookies from the mould.

Masukkan acuan ke dalam minyak, pegang acuan untuk beerapa saat kemudian gocakkan acuan sedikit untuk menanggalkan kuih daripada acuan.


Fry the cookies until golden brown, turning on the other side as needed. Remove cookies from pan and immediately.

Goreng kuih sehingga warna kuning keemasan. Apabila kuih sejuk.


Keep it in an airtight container.

Simpan dalam bekas kedap udara.


 In case the mould is not hot, the batter will not stick to the mould.

Jika acuan tidak cukup panas, adunan tidak akan melekat pada acuan.