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Batik Cake (Hedgehog Squares)

Be hypnotised by the unbelievable combination of vanilla, cocoa, and cookies, that creates an appetising dessert that requires no baking.

16 slices

Easy 15 minutes



For the recipe Batik Cake (Hedgehog Squares)

For Batik Cake (Hedgehog Square):

200 g Dr. Oetker Nona Cocoa Powder
1 tsp Dr. Oetker Nona Vanilla Flavour
350 g Sweetened Creamer
4 Eggs (Large)
150 g Butter
250 g Marie Biscuits (each piece broken into quarters)




Line one 7 inch square pan with plastic sheet. Make sure the plastic sheet is much higher than the pan.


To make the chocolate custard, lightly beat the eggs in the mixing bowl. Put in the cocoa powder, vanilla flavour and sweetened creamer and whisk until well combined.


Pour the chocolate custard and butter into a non-stick pan at medium low heat. Stir the mixture until thickens.


Spread a thin layer of custard into the pan. Arrange Marie biscuit on the custard. Repeat the step until all custard and biscuits are used up.


Fold in the high collars of the plastic sheet. Press down and compact the cake with hands.


Chill in fridge overnight before cutting.