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Dr. Oetker International

As a major branded goods enterprise in the food industry, Dr. Oetker is represented in the retail food trade with some 350 different products, and is market leader in almost all its German product lines. The majority of its products belong in the ambient food category, which encompasses baking goods, baking mixes, dry ready meals, dessert products, preserving articles and muesli. Further assortments are chilled dairy products, frozen pizzas and snacks.

With its roots in its headquarters in Bielefeld, the Dr. Oetker family enterprise pursues its business activities internationally. Production and sales companies operate not only in all European countries, but also in parts of North and South America, as well as in China and India. In Europe, Dr. Oetker takes a leading role in the pizza, dessert and baking sectors, and offers a total of some 3,500 different products. The internationalisation of the business will continue to be driven forward allowing more and more consumers to enjoy Dr. Oetker products. 

In addition to Dr. Oetker, the company carries other brands, such as Koopmans in the Netherlands, and Paneangeli in Italy. In total, Dr. Oetker employs a workforce of more than 9,500 - approximately half of them in Germany.